Let the home full of music flavor

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Multi zone pa system/Multi Room audio system/Whole house music system & Whole home speaker amplifier supplier & manufacturer
This is not the traditional PA constant pressure amplify system ,also not the home theatre .BSPH give a brand new idea of background music .
BSPH multi -room audio system is professional design for the home ,compare with common background player ,its adopt the Hifi stereo output ,much more better sound quality .Built -in button control design ,in more easy operate . Enjoying beyond music ,for the beloved of the music lover .
Based on the advance digital signal processing technology ,let our products engaged more strong quality and competitive offer .
Highly integrated matrix,built-in 4 channel stereo audio source DVD Player ,USB/MP3 ,FM/AM radio and AUX video output function .supporting 8 rooms at the same time programmed .
Through room’s control panel can be achieved each room independently switch source ,adjust the volume & select songs . 
Each zone power rated output : first zone is 2*50w ,the rest 7th zones is 2*15w .the max power consumption is 400w .
Timing point play : can pre-set the ON & OFF time ,connect with doorbell system music playing ect reminding function .
Long distance Anti-interference line ,ensure the sound playing quality .
Host machine can pre-edit all rooms functions .
BSPH integrated multi-room controller let whole family embrace by the wonderful music.MP3,DVD,AM/FM audio,AUX audio output meet the diversity preference in each room .Feel free to contact us for more of details . 

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