Upgrade your Lifestyle by BSPH Multi Room Music System

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Last time, we’ve mentioned the characteristic of BSPH BGM which could enjoy the wonderful music everywhere. Now let us talk about how to achieve it in details.

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The upper picture is the model for BSPH called SH-360 Home Central Audio System. Once you own this product, your family and you can enjoy the music easily.


1. As you can see, BSPH SH-360 Central Audio System divided into 8 zones and 8 rooms can request different programs.

The allocation for 8 zones may like this: Living room 50W*2, bedroom and kitchen or other small rooms 15W*2, each zone is HiFi Stereo.

  The system is built-in CD, DVD, FM and MP3 Player, and it’s also accept AUX Source, such as CD, DVD, FM and MP3. Each room has control panel to play different music at different rooms at the same time.


2.Friendly combination from Host to Zone.

Combine host with zone, it means each place can control the home audio system, no matter it’s the kitchen, study, children’s bedroom, balcony or washroom. What’s more, you can select the AUX source in random. The music can be closed once you don't want to listen, since each room has installed the control panel independently, the panel can control the switch on/off and adjust the volume, treble and bass in your room. 

For example, parents want to play music in the host in living room, but they don’t want to affect the children’s room, in this situation they can close the output channel to the children’s room through the Host. In this way the children’s room will not be influenced.

3.Flexible control, economical and practical.

 Except built-in sound sources, you can put other AUX sources, like MD Player, LP Player. The system can equip the control panel and remote control for the host and each zone. All the control can be finished by remote control. For example: The master is listening music through DVD, while he wants to listen the news from FM radio, he can use remote control to achieve it.

In the past, the home audio system has lots of equips, such as players, amplifiers and any other effectors. Nowadays, BSPH Home Central Audio System breaks this situation completely. It abandons the heavy bulky and single function constant voltage power amplifier. BSPH puts the amplifier in the host. The setting decreases, the system is lighter , the wiring is simpler and the operation is much easier. The mainest point is that the audio output keeps good quality. On the contrary, the HIFI, stereo sound quality is better and better.

This system is widely used in the whole family, all the zones do not need to connect the output channels, the master can choose according to your requirements, economical ability and personal hobbies.

4. Summary 


Four characteristics for BSPH SH-360

1). Integration: fewer equips, portable and saving space, easy to wire.

2). Professional: Compared with PA System and traditional Home Theater, it focuses on family audio.

3)  Personality: Each zone operates individually, each room design the programs in random.

4) Intelligence: The system can make programs by yourself, it can achieve to play the specified music on specified timing. 

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