High-reduction Public Address System BSPH PA & Music System SX-117

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Along with the rapid development of science and technology, enhance day by day to the new technology of request of users, to enable products to comply better with the requirements of customers is more important. Traditional PA system a lots of aspect being living can’t meet user’s demand and sales growth, High-reduction PA system has become the mainstream of the development of PA system, BSPH PA & Music System SX-117 can meet different demands of customers with its features.


BSPH PA&Music system SX-117

  BSPH PA&Music system SX-117 features::

1、Built-in mixer amplifier, 4-16Ω output, 70V/100V voltage output (balance and ungrounded),can connect with resistance speakers or contant-voltage speaker. 5 zone power output, power is distributed to each zone according to demand, it means system can distribute its power on- demand to each zone which connecting to speakers with different rated power.

2、Bulit-in MP3 player, four playing mode for option: single repeat, all repeat, order, shuffle;

3、Built-in FM/AM radio, high performance TUNE, receive massive program, high tone fidelity, FM/AM can be switch on demand. 

4、60W、120W、240W, these 3 types for selection.

5、MIC1, MIC2 socket, two types of jackfor each MIC input: 6.3 RCA and XLR,  phantom circuitfor power supplying, whcih can meet any MIC using. Sound filter function, speech can be filtered as a pre-processing process, let the voice more clearly. SX-117 has been run into many project around the world,  the stand-alone device with 5 zone power output is available for different locations, such as medium and small supermarket, motel, 4S store, salon, gymnasium, clinic , ect.