Newest Member for BSPH - home audio system SH-616

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In this recently years, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people focus on comfort and culture status for home decoration. And home theater background music can make our busy life to become elegant and poetic, therefore, BGM system becomes new element in smart home decoration and installs a set of home theater music system have been an important mark on good quality lifestyle for the host.

 After pushing Home Central Audio SH-360, we BSPH successfully develop a more intelligent Home Background Music System-- SH-616, it’s the premier one which successfully achieve 16 zones in China.


Function of Smart Home Audio System SH-616L

1.SH-616 adopt 3.2 Inch 16:9 real color screen, graphical display interface, Chinese/ English hint and full touch screen design. The operation will be much easier.

2.Infrared ray control signal can be received, the panel shows the current temperature, time and date showing consistently with the host.

3.Compatible Ipod and Iphone, showing the list of playing songs and the current Play Time. 

4.12 zones HIFI 2*20W stereo sound output, each zone can choose sound sources, tracks and volume individually. Another 4 stereo sound signal output area, users can switch in other amplifiers conveniently. 

5.Support smart home alarm and connect with door bell, gas or anti-theft function.

6.RS-232 Agreement, easy to connect with central control system.

7.Provide LAN to operate the equipment through smart phone APP.

Technology of BSPH SH-616 Central Audio System 

1.Integrate the power amplifier into each music point, user do not need another amplifier equipment any more, saves cost and space, and simplifies the operation procedure.

2.Offer 6 emergency inputs, such as : Door bell, Help, Gad Leak, House Defense, Outdoor Defense and customized alarm input.

3.With RS-232 Agreement to connect the central control system, it achieves unified management of smart home.

4.Provide LAN to operate the equipment through smart phone APP.

 Effect of Background Music System SH-616L

1.Except the function of playing on time in special programs, it also compatible Ipod and Iphone, showing the list of playing songs and the current Play Time to enjoy high quality music.

2.At the same time, while emergency occurs, automatic trigger system will alert you through music or warming sound even if you are outside.

With the successfully publish of Smart Home Audio System SH-616L, more and more modern families enjoy the convenient of smart home style. Our longtime service lead is “BSPH Central Audio System, design for your lifestyle”, and it’s also our Tech target in the era of technology.