• PC-452 Hifi -ceiling loudspeaker 4.5” 5W

PC-452 Hifi -ceiling loudspeaker 4.5” 5W

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PC-452 Hifi -ceiling loudspeaker 4.5” 5W Brief feature : ♦ Metal frame and metal grille;♦ Fixed with spring clips;♦ Good quality excellent frequency respon

PC-452 Hifi -ceiling loudspeaker 4.5 5W


Brief feature : 

♦ Metal frame and metal grille;

♦ Fixed with spring clips;

♦ Good quality excellent frequency response;

♦ Easy to be installed with spring clips on the ceiling or wall whose thickness should be in the range of  9mm-25mm.

♦Advanced crossover design with over current protection, enhance the optimum frequency  Elegant Appearance 

Multi zone pa system/Multi Room audio system/Whole house music system & Whole home speaker amplifier supplier & manufacturer

technical data :

Rated power


Max power



1KHZ, 1m, 1W): 90db 


 (1m): 100db 

Line voltage


Rated impedance


Frequency response


Directivity Horizontal


Mounting hole





Ivory white 



Mounting styles

Spring clip/ bridge bracket/ hanging 


Ceiling Speakers Features  

1.  structure 

A.  Provide grilles with different pattern for choice. Cater to different tastes and situations. 

B.  Equip with reflex holes for improving efficiency in sound transformation and sound performance. 

C.  Double-fly veil to conceal the driver inside. 

D.  Three mounting styles available 

E.  All plastic parts are molded by advanced technology, with high degree of finish. 

2.  Electric acoustic characteristics 

A.  All ceiling speakers employ full-range driver with a whizzer for better high-frequency performance. 

B.  A resonance membrane is attached behind the cone to increase the sound pressure level. 

C.  Different connection styles for different power outputs, convenient and reliable.




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