• 8-Room Audio Host Machine | SH-808

8-Room Audio Host Machine | SH-808

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    8-Room Audio Host Machine | SH-808
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SH-808 perfect choice for medium villa ,8 zones HIFI stereo output via 7 audio sources freely select without interference ,WI-FI Air-play DLNA music play no need download , smartphone and keypad control the units operation ,unique intercom broadcasting function,light and curtain integrate control .

              8 Zone Smart Home Audio System

                  Model: SH-808


Multi zone pa system/Multi Room audio system/Whole house music system & Whole home speaker amplifier supplier & manufacturer

Multi zone pa system/Multi Room audio system/Whole house music system & Whole home speaker amplifier supplier & manufacturer

Product features:

1,  8 zone, multi-audio source, control independently, play music freely.

Partition: total of 8 zones, HIFI stereo output, each room 2x30W;7 sound sources for option : host MP3, keypad MP3, DLNA, Internet Radio, FM/AM Radio, CD, AUX. Each zone can play music independently. Radio, CD, AUX, these three sound sources are shared sound source to each zone; host MP3, keypad MP3, DLNA, Internet Radio are independent sound sources which can be played any music in different rooms freely. SH-808 can achieve the truly independent control: different sound sources can be played in different rooms, the same sound source can be played different songs in different rooms. For example: we are able to listen to radio in bedroom, play the first song from the host MP3 in kitchen, play the second song from the host MP3 in living room, non-interfering.

* Regarding to the keypad MP3, each keypad with a SD memory-card slot so that user can set unique music library in different rooms.

2, Support for smart phone air play music via WIFI

Capable of connecting smart phone via WIFI, can air play music from library of smartphone and from DLNA sound source.

* Regarding to DLNA, each zone can be considered as a WIFI speaker, smart phone can transmit music to host machine and play the music in each zone; Iphone use airplay protocol.

3, Intercom function

Capable of talking to each partition and send out instant voice record, support broadcast and intercom function.

4, 6 short circuit trigger + 4 short circuit output, or extend to 32 short circuit output which can be used to control lamp and curtain.

6 available terminals can be triggered by the short circuit signal and then alarm in all zones, such as gas leak, door bell, indoor security, outdoor security and so on; 4 short circuit output can be used to control lamp and curtain indirectly; short circuit output can be extended to 32 way output, be used to control lamp and curtain directly.

5, Full color touch-screen control keypad, WIFI smart phone control;

Support dedicated control keypad and smart phone controlling, smart phone control support Android & IOS systems.

6, Opening control protocol

Abide by RS-232 communication protocol, can be connected with the third-party system, realize the unification to smart home appliance.

7, Alarm clock

For all partitions sharing, supply 99 alarm clocks setting, regular weekly cycle.

8, Pre-edit programs, play music at a special time;

The program can be set a special time, for example: set the alarm clock as a reminder to help you wake up, help your children go to school on time, you can enjoy a soft music when you come back home, if your family members’ birthday is coming nearly, you can pre-set a special song, give her a pleasant surprise, it is only a few minutes to pre-set , system will execute the processes by program automatically.

9, With fixed timing starting up and shutdown functions : be used for background music, security alarm and door bell.

10, Infrared remote control, infrared learning function :

Control the keypad by using remote control (host machine does not support the Infrared remote control)

Keypad can learn the IR code of AUX device, then can control the AUX device by the IR code sending from the host machine.

11, Timing regularly shutdown function

12, One track for AUX audio signal input: easy for accessing the audio source of DVD, TV, STB ect .

13, 2 track audio signal output

Easy to transfer the signal to other power amplifier, for connecting to an external power amplifier with more powerful output.

14, Touch-screen control keypad:

More humanized operation : UI is simple and beautiful, convenient and sensitive; add network connection status display and Bluetooth connection status display. Screen time out: when it is not at work, it is in a closed status, when user’s hand touch it, the screen lit up. More intelligent, more humanized & energy efficient.


15, Instant restore factory settings

Part 1

1, Please connect the radio antenna to the corresponding interface, or the radio will not receive the program signal.

2, Fixed 8 zone audio signal output, please access the audio cable with banana plug into the [SPEAKER] socket, or connect the audio cable to the [SPEAKER] socket.

Note: When connecting audio cables, please avoid the metal part exposure outside in case causes device short circuit and harm.

3, Power input, supply power to the device.



Part 2

1, Insert USB with MP2 format &Disc, can play the MP3 & DVD sound sources.

2, Access AUX sound source(SAT, DVD or other audio/video device), connect the host machine to the socket of infrared remote output of the AUX device by using the matched infrared remote cable 

Note: The first AUX sound source should connect to the corresponding [IR OUT1] socket, the second AUX sound source should connect to the corresponding [IR OUT2] socket, otherwise it is invalid.

3, Insert SD card, this SD card is as the short circuit alarm function voice prompts audio signal memory card.


Part 3

1, Connecting the wireless router to the [LAN] interface.

2, After connecting the network, set the IP in the host and set the partition option.


Part 4

1, Access the doorbell/help/gas leak/indoor/outdoor system short circuit signal to corresponding socket of the host machine.

2, Device provide 4 way short circuit trigger output, access into short circuit trigger equipment, can be used to control the lamp and curtain.

3, Abide by RS-232 communication protocol, can be connected with the third-party system, central control equipment.


8-zone system amplifier specification:


Rated power480W8x2x30w)
AM band522KHZ-1611KHZ
ConsumptionMAX 500W 
FM band87KHz-108 KHz
ProtectionElectricity, overheat, overload, short circuit
S/N ratioBetter than 75dB
Cooling modeForce fan-cooled mode
Frequency response20Hz-20kHz  ±3dB
Dimensions357 X 430 X 104 mm
Damping factor500
Weight13 kg
Ascent rate70V/ms
Input sensitivity0.75V  0dBV

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