SH-360 User Manual

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1) Read these instructions.
2) Keep these instructions.
3) Heed allwarnings.
4) Follow all instructions.
5) Donotuse thisapparatus nearwater.
6) Clean only with drycloth.
7) Donotblock anyventilation slots. Install in accordance with themanufacturer's instructions.
8) Donotinstall near any heat sources such asradiators,heat registers, stoves,or other apparatus
(including amplifiers) thatproduce heat.
9) Protect thepower cord from being stepped on orpinched particularly at plugs,convenience
receptacles, and thepoint where theyexitfrom theapparatus.
10) Only use attachments/accessories specified bythemanufacturer.
11)Use onlywith thestand,tripod, bracket,or table which are specified bythemanufacturer,or sold
with theapparatus. When a stand or bracket is used, becautious when moving thecombination
to avoid injury.
12) Unplug thisapparatus during lightning and storms orwhen unused forlong periods oftime.
13) Refer allservicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when theapparatus has
been damaged inanyway, such assupply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or
objects have fallen intotheapparatus,theapparatus has been exposed to rain ormoisture,does
notoperate normally, orhas been dropped.


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