SH-616L User Manual

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Multi zone pa system/Multi Room audio system/Whole house music system & Whole home speaker amplifier supplier & manufacturer
instructions in this manual as the conventions of Safety
symbols and messages regarded as very important precautions are included.
We also recommend you keep this instruction manual handy for future reference.
Safety Symbol and Message Conventions
Safety symbols and messages described below are used in this manual to
prevent bodily injury and property damage which could result from mis-handing.
Before operating your product, read this manual first and understand the safety
symbols and messages so you are thoroughly aware of the potential safety.
Do not expose the unit to rain or an environment where it may be splashed by
water or other liquids, as doing so may result in fire or electric shock.
WARNING Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if mis-handled
could result in death or serious personal injury.
Indicatesa potentially hazardous situation which,if mis-handled,
could result in moderte or minor personal injury,and/or propertu
When Installing the Unit
Use the unit only with the voltage specified on the unit. Using a voltage higher
than that which is specified may result in fire or electric shock.
Avoid installing or mounting the unit in unstable locations, such as on a rickety
table or a slanted surface. Doing so may result in the unit falling down, causing
personal injury and/or property damage.
Be sure the power cord will not suffer be cut, mixed, be revised, or other ruin. In
addition, do not to use the power cord near the place with hot source and do not
allow other heavy objects including unit itself to rest on the power cord.
Install the unit on the position could support unit itself and mounting bracket,
otherwise it might fell down and cause personal injury and property damage.
According the stipulated way to install mounting bracket, if not, the unit might be
super-oppressed, fall down, which to result in personal injury .

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